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Timeuw is an active YouTube since 2012, but started his brand new YouTube channel on March 24 in 2019. His first ever YouTube video was in the summer of 2012, but is no longer available on the internet.


Watch the big history of the Timeuw gaming channel with video's about Minecraft, The Sims, old vlogs and more.
Relive old moments, they are golden.


Relive old gaming times of 2016 with the gaming channel "TimeuwGames".

Made a lot of content

Channel Years Active Description
RappidoTV 2012-2014 iPod and Samsung phone camera video's with Peter
DutchGaming2015 2014-2015 Gaming channel with lots of games and friends like Finn, Daniƫl and more.
Timeuw 2015 Channel with vlogs and games for just one year.
TimeuwGames 2016-NOW Gaming channel with Kingdom Xar video's, simulators and more.
Timeuw 2019-NOW Follow all Timeuw his vlogs of traveling, adventures and more.

About TimeuwGames

"TimeuwGames is not very active, but still there. I never stopped with the channel itself, but it's hard to do things you don't like, so I paused the recordings a few years ago and never came back with gaming content, but who knows."

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